Hey Alabama Tennis Friends!

Here’s our next Summer Update from Luca Fabian.

Hello Everyone,

It’s my turn to talk about my summer! A little bit of background on my academics before I start: my minor is International Business, and it is a requirement for students with this minor to spend a semester doing a study/internship abroad program. Obviously that doesn’t usually agree with a student-athlete schedule plan, but thanks to the generosity of Coach Jenny and Kevin Almond, they granted me with a two months internship in Melbourne, Australia this summer.

I have been here for almost a month now, and I have a detailed schedule I follow to get my job, practices and tournaments done.

First of all, I have to say I absolutely love it in Melbourne! I love my colleagues and coaches, I love the job, and I definitely love the food. I work for a startup childcare software company called Xplor as a marketing intern. All the 68 people are very nice and quite blunt/funny here. They go out for lunch and drinks together, take funny pictures and make fun of each other on a regular basis, while competing on their makeshift ping-pong table. I have to say the amount of funny meme circling on our team chat is very amusing. We work in a huge, open space room, and it is very likely that people will come by to invite you for a coffee.

While it does sound like it’s Disneyland here, the work can be quite demanding and sometimes you have to help other departments when they are tight on a deadline, like any startup company. It is great to get to know multiple facets of the company workings.

After work I head to tennis practice around 4 pm. I have a handful of people to hit and practice with. My absolute favorite person to hit with is Stephen Dance. He is currently 11th in the world over 60 senior tennis rankings, and won a gold in the ITF seniors world team championships for Australia. Let me tell you, he sure can hit! 25 years ago he also coached someone who was in top 20 WTA. He is also lovely and coaches me patiently, even though he is “just” my occasional hitting partner. I am lucky to have him and all these people to help me get better for our next season!

I played a national money tournament last week, where I lost in the quarterfinals in a great match, and I am getting ready for another one next week!

I am so grateful to be here and I am enjoying every second of it, and I wanted to say thank you to all of you too! Without all of your support and the Crimson Racket Club, I would only be dreaming about this fantastic experience! I will remember it dearly for the rest of my life, Thank You!

Kind Wishes & ROLL TIDE!