Hey Alabama Tennis Friends!

Here’s your next Summer Update from Senior, Ann Selim.  Ann is a Mechanical Engineering Major taking a break from Summer School this summer.  She needed to recharge her battery to prepare for her Senior Year! 

Hi Everyone!

My name is  Ann Selim. This is a quick summary to let you know how my summer has been going. My summer has been nice and relaxing.  I have been practicing, working out, playing tournaments and hanging out with family and friends. I am currently in California with my family.  I have been enjoying the beach, mall and good weather.  We went to San Diego as a family for a few days.  We had a lot of fun!  I tried Limes (Scooters) for the first time and they were a blast!  My brother and I both had birthdays last Friday. I turned 21!  We went to a nice dinner as a family to celebrate.  I played a couple of USTA tournaments in the beginning of the summer. I got second place in both of them! I have been playing well lately and I’m excited to be playing  another tournament this weekend.  Wish me luck!  I’m looking forward to returning in August for my Senior year!  I’ve missed my teammates & coaches and I can’t wait to get to know the new girls (Isabella & Ares).

Roll Tide!

Ann Selim