The Tuscaloosa Tennis Association wants to thank you for your generous support.

With your support, we have been able to continue to promote and grow tennis in Tuscaloosa. Below are a few highlights of our 2015 activities and our board members who chaired these activities.

  • Annual Meet, Greet and Eat – Calvin and Verney Goodman
    MG&E held in September;  75 participants
  • Junior Camps – Jack Evans
    Junior Camps held June 15th-19th 80 participants, 22 volunteers
  • Junior Programs – Alan Cunningham
    10 teams played in the spring 2015
  • After School Program Grant – Ninette Cannon, Rhonda Allen, Jim Fleenor
    We received at grant in October and are piloting Rocket Tennis at Verner Elementary School
  • TTA Night Leagues – Emily Baker/Kathryn Hornsby/Buddy Farish
    2015 Spring Leagues had 10 courts
    Moved the Night Leagues to Center Court Tuscaloosa
    Summer leagues had 4 courts, the 2 fall leagues
  • By-Law Revision – Kathryn Hornsby, Jack Evans, Buddy Farish, Verney Goodman, Jim Fleenor, Emily Baker
    By-law revisions adopted in Aug. 2015
  • Strategic Plan – Kathryn Hornsby
    2 groups of students were commissioned to work on TTA 3-5 year strategic plan
  • Tinsel Trail  – Calvin and Verney Goodman
    TTA had a tennis themed tree at Tuscaloosa’s Tinsel Trail
  • Tournament Support  
    Supplied volunteers for the University of Alabama’s Wheelchair Tournament and the first USTA tournament held in Tuscaloosa

We are working on a 5-10 year strategic plan following the work of University of Alabama students and your survey results. We look forward to sharing the plan with you in the coming weeks. We hope you will continue to support TTA.