Hey Alabama Tennis Friends!

Here’s your next Alabama Women’s Tennis Summer Update from our incoming freshman, Ares Teixido.  Ares is from Barcelona, Spain.

Hi , I’m Ares. I’m from Catalonia, from a city called Lleida (close to Barcelona). In the last 5years I have lived in Barcelona, and  I am completely in love with this city. It will be hard for me to leave Barcelona. However, in Lleida I have my family and friends, and it will always be my home. I live with my parents and my 3 sisters. The oldest is Maria, she is 19 years old, then I have a twin sister called Aran and the youngest one is Meri, she is 12 years old. They all play tennis. Aran is going to study in University of Memphis next fall, so you all can meet her in the tournament in Alabama (Roberta Alison Fall Classic).

My Summer is going well. I practice during mornings and then I help my parents at their work (which is a clothing store) in the afternoons. Whenever I can, I try to go to the beach or at the mountains. I am lucky to have family at both places.

Last week I played a 15k in Badajoz and I got my first ITF points. I am also playing different tournaments close to my hometown. This week I am playing the Catalan championship, which is kind of a national tournament.

I sincerely chose Bama because I like the environment, I love the family you become. Also I believe in this team, and although I don’t know all of you, I am sure we are going to be a huge team!

My goal in college is to improve at a tennis level and at a personal level. But also above all I want to bring good vibes to the team.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and starting this new adventure.

See you very soon and enjoy the Summer!!!

Roll Tide!!!!!

Ares Teixido