Sign up below to join the Tuscaloosa Tennis Ladder!  Sign up cost is $20 per quarter with prizes given to the top player at the end of each play period. Play one match every two weeks and challenge yourself to climb to the top! You must be a member of TTA to participate.

Womens Ladder
Aly Wood1
Susan Whitt2
*Melissa Jacobs3
*Wendy Buchheit4
Roberta Leach5
Tanya Kisner6
*Terria Punturo7
Jamie Pearson8
Tara Ketchum9
Lauren Calhoun10
April McKnight11
Shellee Sandy12
Deborah Swanquist13
*Cynthia Almond14
Lauren Humber15
Maci Goggans16
Chelsea Anglin17

Mens Ladder
*Anne-Marie Abney1
*Jamaal Little2
*Dustin Wood3
*Shawn Cooper4
*Steve Buchheit5
*Keith Duncan6
*Kyle Cavender7
*Sam Rombokas8
*John Kim9
*Dave Barker10
*Tyler Warren11
*Tyler Cohen12
*Terry Jacobs13
*Josh Musgrove14